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We at Hays Division was given access to #OpenAi cutting edge artificial intelligence program #GPT3.. We are currently working on two avenues to apply our access and create a avenue to show case this really awesome One idea is to use GPT-3 to comment on existing conservations. I took a transcript of Joe Rogan and Elon Musk Conversation from September 7, 2018 and had GPT-3 comment line by line. The link is below. It was definitely funny. I only did 3:31 minutes of the transcript. I clearly see some issues, it was not able to recognize multiple speakers, but it still keep up in a way. I would like to see this applied to longer conservations. Our other idea is to see it used as apart of conservations, in real time, sorta a live conservation feed. If it could recognize different speakers it would be nice to add it as a extra host on a show. Which is what we’re working on now. We creating a speech to text, and text to speech function that will allow GPT-3 to engage through its api portal. Stay Tuned!!! Hays Division is also working on a competitive in house AI concept but that’s our long term application. Check us out at

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