AI for Entrepreneurs – Shawn Frayne

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In today’s episode of AI for Entrepreneurs, we talk to Shawn Frayne– an entrepreneur who is chasing the dream of the hologram.

His company, Looking Glass Factory, has raised more than $20M to make this dream a reality.

In this podcast, we talk about the 3D light field display technology and his journey from a physics major at MIT to co-founding Looking Glass Factory.

They just launched a new product on Kickstarter called Looking Glass Portrait which is a 3D display you can put on your desk. It works both in standalone mode or hooked up to a computer.

Shawn is also an early adopter of OpenCV AI Kit (OAK). His feedback, while we were developing OAK-D, was incredibly valuable.

We wish him and his company the very best for their Kickstarter Campaign.

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