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I’ve been thinking through some of the future technology stuff and the one that I find most interesting is full-immersion virtual reality, or simply full dive VR.

The first iterations of this technology are presumably to be hosted locally same as you can set up a webpage in localhost.

While that by itself is great news, it’s not the final frontier of removing all limitations. You would still have to go offline to replenish your body for energy so you wouldn’t die off while in the simulation.

The next-next-gen of this technology might give way to crossing the lines between physical & digital words, something that is often discussed here – uploading your consciousness to a digital world.

What I think everyone would be afraid of is losing their consciousness in the process, simply put, people are afraid of losing awareness, and is it possible for a human mind to have awareness in the digital world, to know that you still exist.

And if it’s possible to cross the barrier, would your consciousness be hosted on some kind of a decentralized, blockchain-like cloud built by ASI, or would users have the ability to acquire a ‘dedicated server’ of some kind?

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