Ryan Yarrington – Deep Cognition’s VP of Sales

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This week, we’re interviewing Ryan Yarrington, our VP of Sales, to get to know him and Deep Cognition a little better.

Ryan Yarrington Headshot

Ryan Yarrington
Vice President of Sales

What is your role at Deep Cognition?

I am the Vice President of Sales at Deep Cognition. I work daily to interact with current and new prospects through various strategically selected formats. I also run and collaborate with our team to make sure that all sales meetings, demos, and networking events are as efficient and successful as possible.

What motivates you as the VP of Sales?

The opportunity to interact with different people on a daily and weekly basis. My motivation is to assist people and companies that use our platform to make their processes more efficient and save money at the same time.

What are some challenges you face while working at a startup?

Brand awareness. Our team has worked to develop multiple opportunities to engage with potential partners. We have seen great success in demonstrating to businesses how PaperEntry works and how accurate it is. I think the technology speaks for itself once we get past initial introductions. 

What excites you most about working at a startup?

The ability to see all of our hard work and dedication come to fruition and to see it directly impact the bottom line is very rewarding. Also, every day there is a different task or challenge that I learn from. 

How has your previous experience helped you at Deep Cognition?

I have 15 years of sales experience that range from different industries such as Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, and Software/Technology. My diverse experiences allow me to lead the sales team to success at Deep Cognition and truly enjoy what I do daily for this company.

What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence?

Simply stated, it is the future. Machine learning and AI are going to be the future of all software and technology, and Deep Cognition is deeply involved. Companies who adapt to the new technology and learn from it will be leaps and bounds ahead of their competition.

Why do you think Deep Cognition stands out from its competitors?

Deep Cognition has a truly unique platform that marries the best of technology on all fronts. We allow companies to become more efficient, save money, and be more accurate at the same time. Our unique product offerings such as DLS and PaperEntry are truly remarkable. PaperEntry’s ability to extract line items and tables from documents, such as commercial invoices, is incomparable to other data entry automation solutions currently available. 

We focus our resources on developing advanced AI-powered platforms and solutions. Not only do we create advanced AI-powered solutions but we empower others to create and learn about AI-powered solutions through our Deep Learning Studio development platform and Deep Learning Dock our deployment platform.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Disney World, and anywhere that has a golf course!

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I had the opportunity to be in a David Copperfield magic show in Las Vegas.


To learn more about Deep Cognition and the products we offer, email Ryan at sales@deepcognition.ai.




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